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Latest News

Date: 06/16/2020
San Fernando Swap Meet will remain closed until further notice.

To our valued San Fernando Swap Meet Community

Date: 04/02/2020
For the protection of our employees, vendors and guests, the San Fernando Swap Meet is currently closed.

We understand that there are many questions and concerns during this time.  Please check back for any updates.

Question : When will the swap meet open?
Answer   : When we have a re-open date available, we will post it here and on the phone message.

For vendors concerned about your space.  

Question : How do I pay for my space?
Answer   : We are not taking payments during this time as we are not open.

Question : Will I get a refund for the space that I paid for?
Answer   :  Any space that has been paid for and you have been unable to use due to the closure will be credited toward future rentals. 

Question : What will happen to my space?
Answer   : If you have a monthly space, you will be able to renew and maintain that space when we re-open.  If you have a weekly space, we will try to accommodate all requests, but there are no guarantees with weekly spaces.

Question : Will my credit automatically go to my account when the swap meet re-opens?
Answer   : No, we will post here and on our phone message when the reservation office will be open for vendors to come in and renew their space.You will need to renew in person when we re-open.